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Weatherford Combined Estates Auction - Online Only

by Texas Auction & Realty


Wednesday, January 24th @ 10:00am - Central


Weatherford, TX 76088


Online Only Auction


Thank you to all bidders from:

TEXAS - Abilene, Aledo, Arlington, Azle, Bowie, Brownfield, Burleson, Cleburne, Dallas, Dublin, Euless, Fort Worth, Gordon, Graford, Graham, Granbury, Jacksboro, Lipan, Mansfield, Midlothian, Millsap, Mineral Wells, N. Richland Hills, Odessa, Paradise, Perryton, Ponder, Poolville, Rainbow, Rhome, Santo, Silsbee, Springtown, Sunset, Tolar, Weatherford, Willow Park

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Conducted By

Texas Auction & Realty

PO Box 608
Weatherford, TX 76086

Phone: (817) 304-1052

Auction Listing

Weatherford Combined Estates Auction 
Online Only

Buyer Preview:

By appointment with Ross @ 817-304-1052

Buyer Pickup:

Thursday, January 25th @ 10am - 6pm
Friday, January 26th @ 10am - 6pm

* "Celebrate the Century" Stamps * 1982 Budweiser Poster * 2 Del Monte Round Up Posters * 2 Floor Sweepers * 2 Framed and Matted Art Collages * 2 Gas Space Heaters * 2 Original Paintings on Canvas * 2 Serving Platters * 2 Steel Fish Tapes * 2 Tennis Rackets * 2 Trim Pieces * 2 U.S. Flags * 2 Vacuums * 2 Von Erich Kings of the Ring - Pizza Inn Posters * 2 White Boards * 3 Cash Registers * 3 Chairs * 3 Electric Pumps * 3 Folding Camp Chairs * 3 Framed Art Prints * 3 Framed Floral Art Prints * 3 Plastic Baskets * 3 Table Lamps * 3 Tote Bags * 4 Framed Western Art Prints * 4 Project Chairs * 8 Track Tapes, Clock and Telephone * 8 Vintage Record Albums * Adler Electric Typewriter * Afghans * Animal Kitchen Decor * Ankle Weights and Jump Rope * Antique Clothes Hanger * Antique Door Knobs * Antique Hump Back Trunk * Antique Well Pulley and Phone Base * Area Rug, Curtain Rod and Colorado Hiking Map * Argus 300 Movie Projector * Arrowhead Necklaces * Art on Canvas * Art Print - Spring Rescue -Don Marco * Art Supplies * Ashtray Assortment * Assorted Collector Cards * Awning Mat * Baby Decor *Bag of Cancelled Stamp Collection * Bamboo Placemats * Barry Bonds Poster – Unopened * Bart Simpson Poster * Baseball Magazines and Trading Cards * Baseball Trading Cards * Baseballs and Sporting Goods * Basket Collection * Bathroom Hardware * Battery Charger and Auto Parts * Beckett Football Card Monthly Magazine – 1991 * Bentwood Chair * Bible on CD's * Big Bag of Foreign Stamps * Big Bag of Worldwide Stamps * Bissell Steam Cleaner * Bissell Vacuum * Block and Tackle * Board Games * Book Assortment * Book Collection * Book Shelf * Books and Magazines * Bottle Opener Collection * Bow Ribbons * Box of Books * Box of Empty Shotgun Shells * Box of Table Linen * Boy Scouts of America Assortment * Braces * Brass Decor * Brother Swinging Machine * Broyhill End Table with Drawer * Broyhill Side Table with Drawer * Buckle Up Poster * Burner Cover and Trays * Cancelled Stamp Collection * Candle Holder Assortment * Candle Sticks * Candle Warmer and Scents * Candles and Decor * Candy Dish Assortment * Canisters and Bottles * Canning Jars * Canning Supplies * Case of Audio CD's * Casserole Dishes * Cassette & CD Storage Rack * Cassette Tape Collection * Cedar Post Bed Frame * Ceramic Kitchen Decor * Chandelier * Children's Book Assortment * Childs Rocker and Hoola Hoop * Christmas Decor * Christmas Holiday Decor * Christmas Lights * Cigarette Lighters * Coca-Cola and American Glycerin Advertisements * Coffee Accessories * Coffee Mugs * Coffee Mugs and Saucers * Coffee Table * Comic Books * Copper and Metal Decor * Copper Kitchen Decor * Craft Books * Crafting Supplies * Crocheted Doilies * Crocheted Embroidered Doily * Crotchet Edge Trim and Linen * Cuff Link Assortment * Cup and Saucer Assortment * Custom Wood Work Center Furniture * Dale Earnhardt Seat Cover * Decorative Collector Plates * Decorative Planters * Decorative Wood Cabinet * Dell Photo 926 Printer * Dell Printer * Desk Fans and Lamp * Dinner and Drink ware * Dinnerware and Collector Plate Assortment * Dinnerware Set * Dinnerware Set - Epoch Collection * Dinnerware with Cloth Napkins * Display Shelf * Drinking Glass Assortment * Drive Straight Poster * DVD Storage Rack * Easter Decor in Metal Tub * Electric Cords and Wires * Electric Heating Element * Electric Wok and Aluminum Pan * Elephant Decor Collection * Embroidered Linen and Kerchief * Enamelware Pans * Erik Estrada Poster * Eureka Vacuum * Exterior Door * Fabric Assortment * Fashion Bracelet Assortment * Fashion Jewelry Assortment * Fax, Phones and Cassettes * Figurine Assortment * Fimco Sprayer * Fishing Lures and Line * Flask, Lighter and Cigarette Cases * Floral Decor * Floral Stemming Machine * Fluorescent Lamp * Folding Aluminum Chart Holder * Folding Pocket Knives and Hardware * Folding Stadium Seats * Food Grinders and 2 Iron Tub Feet * Food saver * Football Trading Cards * Foreign Stamp Collection * Framed 19th Century Valentine Card with Lace Matting * Framed and Matted Boardwalk Art * Framed and Matted Embossed Copper Art * Framed and Matted Floral Art * Framed and Matted Floral Art - Barbara Louque * Framed and Matted Landscape Art * Framed and Matted Landscape Art – Sambataro * Framed and Matted Sailboat Art Print - Ronald Ekholm * Framed Art * Framed Art on Canvas * Framed Art on Canvas - S. Vassileva * Framed Art Print * Framed Art Print - N.Bubany * Framed Art Print - The Disputed Title * Framed Floral Art - Alleyne Park * Framed Floral Art Print * Framed Gold Medal Flour Advertisement * Framed Kitchen Art * Framed Landscape Art * Framed Landscape Art – Windberg * Framed Mayflower Compact Document * Framed Mirror * Framed Photo * Framed Poster * Framed Railroad Art - Howard L. Fogg * Framed San Francisco Art * Frames and Framed Art * Freak Brothers Comics * Frying Baskets and Strainers * Galvanized Minnow Bucket * Game Assortment * Games and Puzzles * Garage Assortment * Garage Cleaner Assortment * Garage Hardware Assortment * Garage Tool Assortment * Garden Stool * GE Main Board WR55X10942 * General Douglas McArthur Posters * Ghostbusters Poster * Gift Wrapping Storage * Glass and Ceramic Kitchen Decor * Glass Top Side Table * Glass Vases and Decor * Glasses and Barware * Golf Balls * Grab Handle and Plumbing Parts * Grooming Clippers * Hairstyling Accessories * Halloween Decor with Storage Tote * Halogen Flood Light Bulbs * Handbags * Handheld Sewing Machine * Handyman Assortment * Hats and Bags * Heated Gloves, Bird Feeders and More * Holiday Decor * Home Decor Assortment * Home Electronics * Home Electronics Assortment * Home Electronics Chargers and Cords * Home Electronics Wiring * Homedics Massage Machine * Ice Cream Maker and Parts * Industrial Mop, Bucket and Wringer * Inertia Nut Crackers * Jewelry and Cigar Boxes * Jewelry Boxes * Jewelry and Keepsake Boxes * Jump Ropes, Toys and Books * Jumper Cables and Hitch Parts * Kenmore Refrigerator Freezer with Chalkboard Paint * Key Ring Collection * Kitchen Accessories * Kitchen Appliances * Kitchen Appliances and Accessories * Kitchen Assortment * Kitchen Canisters * Kitchen Decor * Kitchen Dinnerware and Cookware * Kitchen Flatware and Hot Pads * Kitchen Jars and Canisters * Kitchen Pitcher Assortment * Kitchen Server Assortment * Kitchen Servers * Kitchen Storage and Bake ware * Kitchen Towel * Kitchen Vases and Pitcher * Kitchenalia * Ladies and Children’s Belts * Landscape Art on Canvas * Lap Desk and Chargers * Large Planter * Leaf Blower Tubes and Bag * Leveling Pads * Light Fixture * Light Shades * Linen Pieces * Magazines and Books * Marble Top Side Table * Mason Jars and Vases * Metal Tin Assortment * Metal Wire Baskets * Michael Jackson Poster * Military and Other Pins * Mineral Wells Texas Ephemera and Memorabilia * Mini Photo Frames * Miniature and Vintage Glass Bottles * Miniature Glass and Perfume Bottles * Miniature Pantry * Miniatures and Knick Knacks * Miniatures and Knick Knacks with Nolan Ryan Trading Card * Napkin Holder and Table Accessories * Office Chair * Office Desk and Chair * Office Supplies * Old Clippings and Programs * Old Letters and Ephemera * Old Newspapers * Old Photos * Old State Maps * Outdoor Light Fixture * Oval Mirror * Painting Supplies * Pair of Decorative Andirons * Pair of Framed and Matted Floral Art Limited Edition Prints – Sadberry * Pair of Framed and Matted Floral Art Paintings - Kathleen Pickard * Pair of Framed Asian Art * Pair of Metal Car Ramp Stands * Panasonic VHS Player and Umax Scanner * Party Serving Set * Patio Lights * Phone Cords * Photo Display Easels * Picnic Baskets * Pie Pans and Kitchen Servers * Pitchers and Mugs * Planter Assortment * Plastic Baskets * Plastic Rings * Plastic Shelf * Playskool Toy * Plumbing Parts * Pocket Knife Assortment * Pocket Knife Collection * Pocket Knives * Polaroid and HP Digital Camera * Popcorn Popper & Ice Shaver * Portable BBQ Grill * Pot of Golf Balls * Power Cords * Power Supply, Bucket and Watering Can * Projector Lamp * Propane Patio Heater * Prophecy Books * Punch Bowl Assortment * Punch Bowl Set * Punch Set * Pure Country Movie Poster * Purses and Bags * Pyrex Bowls * Rail Driver Desktop Cab Controller * RCA Audio/Video Receiver * Recipe Books * Road Maps * Roaster Oven and Stock Pot * Rolling Shop Chair * Roper Washing Machine * Round Embroidered Table Cloth * Round Table * Router, Wiring and Extension Cord * Royal Cash Register * S&H Green Stamps Savings Books * Samsung Monitor and Speakers * Scrapbook with Old Articles and Jokes * Set of 4 Vanity Lights * Sewing Magazines * Sewing Supplies * Shades and Shoe Brushes * Shakespeare Cloth * Sheer Embroidered Curtain * Shelf Bracket Assortment * Shelf Brackets, Wall Hooks and Photo Stand * Shoe Rack * Shop Smith Accessories * Shop Table * Shop Vac and Heater * Side Table * Silver-plate and Metal Decor * Silver-plate Server Assortment * Silver-plate Servers * Singer Serger Sewing Machine * Small Wood Curio Shelf * Snorkel Gear * Snow Chains and Small Pressure Tank * Soft Side Luggage Set * Souvenir Collector Spoons * Sports Trading Cards * Stained Glass Decor * Stamp Collection in Album * Steel Traps and Hub Caps * Stemware * Storage Building Anchor Kit * Strawn Security Bank Poster * Student Desk and Chair * Styling Accessories * Submersible Pump Hardware * Sundae Dishes * Suspender Assortment * Table Fans and Lamps * Table Linens * Tabletop Neon Signs * Tableware with Storage Bags * Tail Light Assortment * Tarp and Straps * Telescope * Texas Rangers 1983 Posters * Thanksgiving Holiday Decor * The Who 1982 Tour - Schlitz Advertising Poster * Theft Prevention System * Thrift Store Assortment * Thrift Store Variety * Throw Blankets * Toolbox and Hardware Organizers * Toy Assortment * Training Wheels * Tricycle * Truck Club * Truck Mirrors and Hub Cap * Tupperware *  U.S. Stamp Assortment * US Stamps * UT Kitchen Accessories * Vanity Light * Vintage Ads and Ephemera * Vintage Bench * Vintage Chair * Vintage Comic Books * Vintage Credit Ledger * Vintage Desk and Chair * Vintage Dining Table * Vintage Frames * Vintage Gas Heater * Vintage Industrial Bobbins * Vintage Light Globes * Vintage Magazines and Books * Vintage Marine Stereo Entertainment Center * Vintage Oil Can * Vintage Post Cards * Vintage Post Cards and Letters * Vintage Reader, Files and Medaenas Books * Vintage Rocking Chair * Vintage Sheet Music * Vintage Stove and Counter Mat * Vintage Tea Set Pieces * Vintage Tins * Vintage Tools and Wrenches * Vintage Toy Cars * Vintage Toys * Vintage Wood Frame * Von Erich Advertising - Pizza Inn Poster * Von Erich Kings of the Ring - Pizza Inn Poster * Walker * Walking Cane & Crutch Pieces * Wall Mount Heater * Wall Planters and Flags * Washboard, Vintage Telephone Box and Wine Rack * Water Jug Stand and Embroidery Hoop * Wheelbarrow Tires * Wine Glasses * Women's Jeans * Wood Crafts * Wood Post Office Box Decor * Wood Rocker * Workmate Bench top Work Center & Vise * Wristwatch Collection * Writing Pen Tips * Yard Tools * Yarn Coaster Assortment *

All bidders agree to be bound by this bidder contract by placing a bid. PLEASE SCROLL & READ ALL TERMS LISTED BELOW, INCLUDING PREVIEW, PICKUP, and SHIPPING INFORMATION.

* TERMS OF SALE: 10% Buyer Fee added to high bid at invoice and becomes the contract price. All items are being sold AS IS, WHERE IS, No Warranties or Guarantees of any kind. No Returns, No Refunds. A paid invoice receipt from Texas Auction & Realty is required prior to pickup and removal. Buyers assume all responsibility and hold Seller and Auctioneer harmless for introducing any item or part of item into the stream of commerce. Photographs and Descriptions are provided as a guide, and a guide only. Bidders to verify correctness of ANY advertised information to their satisfaction as to use for any particular purpose. Any bid placed by a Bidder is based solely upon the Bidders personal inspection and opinion. Failure to inspect the property does not relieve bidder of responsibility for payment and removal as stated in these terms. All bids are a binding contract according to these terms. Bidder acknowledges that once a bid is offered, the Bidder shall be bound by the bid amount. Bids cannot be withdrawn or retracted. Verify your information entered (bid amount) before submitting your bids. Auction Company may change bidders usernames or passwords at the sole discretion of the Auction company. Auction is subject to additions and or deletions prior to auction closing.

* INVOICES & PAYMENT TERMS: All Invoices are due and payable upon receipt. Buyer authorizes Ross Bandy Auctioneers, LLC dba Texas Auction & Realty to charge buyers credit card to pay invoices up to $2,500. A Cashiers Check will be required for invoices over $2,500. You may pay in Cash when you pickup your items. If you have a preference in how you wish to pay, please let the Auctioneer know before the auction ends! Otherwise, all cards will be charged after the conclusion of the online auction.

* SALES TAX: Sales tax will be collected on taxable items at the appropriate sales tax rate unless you have filled out a valid Texas Resale Exemption form. You may fax your form to: (817) 594-0585. We must have this on file in order to exclude sales tax from your purchases on your final invoice.

* EXTENDED BIDDING / DYNAMIC CLOSING: If a bid is entered within the last five minutes of the closing of an item, the closing time will be extended by five minutes to ensure sufficient time for bidders to submit their bids. Extended Bidding will continue until all bidding has ceased.

* PREVIEW & INSPECTION: The Preview and Inspection Schedule is available, and can be found in the Auction Listing Tab on the Auction Page. Individuals previewing items are personally responsible for any breakage/damage to items they are handling and will be charged appraised value for item(s). All people previewing assume all responsibility for their own safety. Auctioneer & Seller are not responsible for accidents.

* PICK UP TIME / REMOVAL: The Pickup Time / Removal Schedule is available, and can be found on the Auction Listing Tab on the Auction Page, and must be adhered to specifically. Any bid placed by a Bidder should be based on their ability to comply with the pickup schedule as listed. Buyers MUST pickup these items and provide any additional personnel or equipment required to move the item. IF YOU CANNOT PICK UP THE ITEM DURING THE SCHEDULED PICKUP TIME --- DO NOT BID! Buyer is responsible for providing the supplies, boxes, packing material, tools, equipment, etc. necessary, as well as the physical labor for dismantling, rigging, crating, loading and hauling at their own expense. ANY ITEM NOT PICKED UP WITHIN 5 DAYS WILL BE CONSIDERED ABANDONED. IF THE BUYER INVOICE IS NOT PAID, THE DEFAULTING BIDDERS ACCOUNT WILL BE CLOSED FOR ALL MARKNET ALLIANCE AUCTIONS.

SHIPPING: is available on small items and can be grouped. Please send us an email at the conclusion of the auction if you need your items shipped, and include the address you wish the items shipped to, as well as a method of payment. No items will be shipped until payment has been received for the total invoice including shipping charges. When possible, we use USPS Flat Rate Boxes - The shipping cost will be invoiced as follows: Large - $25, Medium - $20, Small - $10.

DELIVERY: is by quotation only a minimum of 24 hours prior to the end of bidding.

By placing any bid, each Bidder or Buyer -
1) understands that Auctioneer or Seller incurs actual damages by non-performing Bidders or Buyers.
2) understands that Auctioneer or Seller may repossess any property not paid for by midnight on the 5th day after auction ends, and may close the non-paying Bidder account.
3) understands that Auctioneer or Seller may repossess any property not picked up by the Buyer or his/her representative on the 5th day after auction ends regardless of invoice payment status. A Storage Fee equal to any payments, may be levied at midnight on the 5th day after auction ends. Defaulting Buyer account may be closed, and a black flag notification may be sent to the MarkNet Alliance removing registration access to all MarkNet websites.
4) understands that Auctioneer or Seller may request assistance from a third party to recover damages incurred as the result of a non-performing Bidder or Buyer.

Texas Auction & Realty makes no warranty that:
1) your use of the site will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free.
2) the results that may be obtained from the use of the site will be accurate or reliable.
3) the quality of any information or other material obtained by you through the site will meet your expectations.
4) the use or the inability to use the site; unauthorized access to or alteration of your transmissions or data; statements or conduct of any third party on this site; or any other matter relating to the site.
5) in case of any errors or malfunctions of hardware or software, Texas Auction & Realty reserves the right to cancel any transaction even if you have received confirmation of the transaction by email.
We strive to make this system as stable as possible, however errors and equipment malfunctions are possible and may happen without notice. We cannot and will not guarantee uninterrupted access to the Site or its services.